Jeff on Kazakhstan Critical Mineral Webinar Panel

Thursday, April 6, 2023

British-Kazakh Society (BKS) webinar on April 6, which explored key trends and drivers for industrial cooperation between the two countries.

Jeff Townsend, the co-founder of the Critical Minerals Association, a British industry-led organization set up in 2020 to ensure secure and sustainable critical mineral supply chains, noted that the UK is “not blessed with geology and has historically been a down-stream producer.”

“The UK has decided to do more to create an alternative supply chain, support this growth internationally, and make sure it is done in the right way through environmental, social, and governance compliance. It started to build relationships with like-minded nations and partner nations, and cooperation with Kazakhstan is one of the leading partnerships,” Townsend said.

He mentioned the UK’s first-ever critical minerals strategy adopted in July last year, which aims to accelerate the growth of domestic capabilities, ensure collaboration with international partners and enhance international markets by making them more responsive, transparent, and responsible.

“The British government has identified the required 18 critical minerals, a range from antimony and bismuth to tantalum, tellurium, magnesium, and niobium. Kazakhstan is going to be one of the key partners of the UK if it is to meet its industrial strategy. We simply cannot do it without our partner nations and our friends helping us to build up an integrated mid-stream production,” he said.